Messana Vini

Sicilian Land, rough and strong, kissed by the sun and fondled by the wind and the see, whose perfumes and colours evoke far off places..

It’s grape and wine together, our Land’s binomial, that cannot be disregarded, it’s our trade since our granparents’ time, who cultivated the soft slopes of the hills round Alcamo, being bearers of an ancient oenological tradition.

On the other hand Alcamo is renowned for its great wine “Bianco d’Alcamo” (today a quality DOC wine), which is a dry one and whose origins are so far: in 1549 it was included among the best wines by a Pope’s oenologist, who thought that his table was untrimmed without this white wine from Alcamo.

Several people do not know that the origins of the word wine come from the Sanskrit verb “vena”, whose meaning is “to love”, later in Latin “venus”.

It is above all a loving gesture towards our Land, to keep on our grandparents’ tradition with perseverance, care and attention, in order to bring to your table our best wine.